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We operate on multiple sites throughout the North Island.

Our services

We offer many different fencing solutions and can tailor to your specific needs. We use high quality products that are locally sourced.

  • Guard-rail
    Our guard-rail barriers provide semi-rigid protection to shield motorists from hazards and other oncoming traffic to minimise the impact when an accident occurs. We install new, repair and maintain all guard-rail.
  • Wire-rope
    Used for roadside or median safety traffic barrier. It consists of steel wire ropes mounted on posts. Its primary purpose is to prevent a vehicle from leaving its travelled path and striking a fixed object or other oncoming traffic that is less forgiving than itself. We are involved in a NZTA New Zealand first for Wire Rope Safety Barriers (WRSB).
  • Residential Fencing
    Various types of fencing including pool, paling, florida fencing, post & batten, post & rail used to enhance the appearance, secure or modernise a residential property.
  • Agricultural Fencing
    Fencing for farm land and stock including deer fencing, florida fencing, post & batten, post & rail etc. This can be made from a wide variety of materials, depending on terrain, location and confinement of animals.
  • Walls
    We build retaining walls to retain soil in the lateral position for varying ground elevations. We install anti-glare walls and noise walls for noise cancelling.
  • Security Fencing
    Perimeter fence around a structure, private or commercial property to prevent access. Often secured with spikes or barbed wire on the top to prevent climbing.